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How to Remove Cigarette Smoke Odor From Upholstery

Posted - 01/24/2012

Cigarette smoke can leave a tenacious smell in just about any type of fabric. When it has settled into household upholstery, it can be especially difficult to get rid of. If you have washable draperies or furniture with removable covers, you can sometimes simply machine-wash the pieces in cold water with a cup of white vinegar and let them air dry. A mix of vinegar and water can be used to wipe down the uncovered cushions. If the cushions are solid foam, you may be able to clean them outdoors using a hose and a mix of detergent and baking soda.

If cushion covers or other upholstery cannot be removed, you can try sprinkling them with dry baking soda and leaving them overnight. The baking soda can be vacuumed away in the morning. Several products that remove odors from fabrics are commercially available in spray form. They often work well on small, limited areas. Sometimes an air purifier or a new coat of paint in the room will help to get rid of lingering odors. For resistant smoke odor, try consulting a professional floor cleaning company. They will have more advanced methods and products to get rid of odors permanently.
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